ITO Kosei 伊藤 晃生

Inoue Tomoko Laboratory, Master's program in the Design area.
Manager of Seiran Design Office


Research theme

A Research of Fukuoka City and Surrounding Areas from the Meiji Period to the Showa Period through Black and White Photo Colorization.


 Moi! Konnichiwa! Hi there!
My name is Ito Kosei and I'm a graduate of this University's Faculty of Art and Deshign, Department of Social Design.
My hobbies include making creative doujinshi and traveling overseas to eat and drink. My special skill is that I can play and narrate using an acoustic guitar. I often play songs by Hoshino Gen and Fukuyama Masaharu.
 In graduate school, I'll be conducting research in Fukuoka City to digitally restore and colorize old black-and-white photographs that are important to local residents, with the aim of transmitting and preserving folk cultural records and information for future generations. I'm still a novice researcher, but I look forward to working with you.

Courses taken in the first semester of 2021

Design Comprehensive Research lArtistic ExercisesSpecial Theory of Fundamental Competencies
Graphic Design BSpecial Theory of the History of Photography
History of Modern Western Art

Former school

2017 Kyushu high school, Design course
2021 Kyushu Sangyo University, Department of Social Design, Information Design Major
2021 Kyushu Sangyo University Graduate School of Art, Master's program ←now


CG Creator Certification(Basic)
compTIA IT fundamentals Certification
Standard motorcycle license(Small motorcycle, AT limited)
Regular automobile license(AT limited)

(Plan) 2021年~
Fukuoka Kentei(Advanced)

Conference Presentations

2021 Japan Society for the science of Design, 5th Branch, Oral Presentation(Plan)
2022 Japan Society for the science of Design, Research Publication Contest (Plan)

Exhibitions, Project activities, etc.

2015 Fukuoka Privale school Society, Asian Exchange Project, Dispatch to Bangkok
2017 Original Manga Club "Seiran Lab" (Started)
2018 PIIF Japan Institute Group Dynamics 50th Anniversary Project
    Mongolia Desertification Prevention Tour Dispatched to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China Article
2018 Kanmon Kaikyo Fireworks Festival, Guide Projection, Administration and Technology
2018 Nagazumi Night Market, Mask Workshop, Public Relations and Photography
2018 Kashii Shrine CSV Projects Director of Photography
2018 Original Manga Event "Kyushu Comitia 3" (Exhibit)
2019 Tachiarai Town Branding Project, In charge of video shooting and supervision
2020 Exhibitions "monokara." 1st and 2nd, Black and White Photo Colorization Event, Planning and Technology
2021 Seiran Design Office, Opening for business
2021 Japan Society for the science of Design, 5th Branch, (Joining)
2021 Exhibitions "monokara." 3nd, Black and White Photo Colorization Event, Planning and Technology
2021 Fukuoka City Asian Art Museum "KSUGE 2021" (Exhibit) More

Awards and Honorable Mentions

2016年 博多阪急うまちか甲子園 広告部門出場
2016年 全国高等学校デザイン選手権(デザセン) 入選 大会データ
2017年 九州高等学校デザイン科 卒業制作展 映像メディア部門 優勝
2021年 九州産業大学 芸術学部卒業制作展 優秀賞 受賞 記事
2021年 九州産業大学 学長賞 受賞 【表彰区分第3号(社会活動)】

Media coverage

2019年08月05日 博多経済新聞 掲載 電子版記事
2020年11月05日 西日本新聞 福岡圏版 掲載 電子版記事
2020年11月05日 TVQ(九州放送)「ふくサテ」生放送 出演
2020年11月12日 FBS(福岡放送)「めんたいワイド」特集コーナー:イチめん 報道
2020年11月13日 九州産業大学ホームページ ニュース 記事
2020年11月17日 九州高等学校造形芸術科ホームページ ニュース 記事
2021年01月12日 九産大情報発信誌「よかとこ93」 vol13版 掲載 記事
2021年06月23日 九産大情報発信誌「KSUプロジェクト型教育 2020年度学部間・学外との取り組み事例」 記事
2021年07月02日 山笠ナビ 掲載 記事
2021年07月04日 西日本新聞 福岡圏版 掲載 電子版記事
2021年07月07日 J:COM チャンネル福岡 「ジモト応援!つながるNews」 報道 報道動画
2021年07月27日 九州産業大学ホームページ ニュース 記事
2021年07月30日 九州産業大学芸術学部 2021就職ガイド 2022入試ガイドパンフレット 掲載 記事


Travel abroad

I enjoy seeing the beautiful buildings and eating the unusual foods!
I'm also challenging myself to see how I can travel with good quality at a reasonable price.

Producing a manga of your own story.

I like to draw stories that unfold with original characters of my own design.

Weight training

I'm trying my hand at muscle hypertrophy training!
My goal is to participate in the Kyushu Physique Tournament!

People and organizations I like or respect


Hoshino Gen Actor, writer, artist
Horikoshi Kohei Manga artist(My hero academia)
Ono natsume Writer, cartoonist
Fuumidou Musician
Kon Satoshi Animation director
Hara Kenya Designer
Sato Taku Designer
OK Go Creator
Max Cooper Creator
Thomas Jorion Photographer


Nishinippon Shimbun Co. News agency
HONDA Equipment manufacturers
SONY Equipment manufacturers
BONES Animation Production Company
TRIGGER Animation Production Company
Bauhaus Arts school
Marimekko Apparel business
IKKA Apparel business

My favorite books

My favorite videos




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